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Don’t judge a book by its cover — the interior is where the manuscript into which the author has poured his or her love is put on display. Don’t judge a book by its cover — the interior is where the manuscript into which the author has poured his or her love is put on display. Don’t judge a book by its cover — the interior is where the manuscript into which the author has poured his or her love is put on display.

How to Make Your Book Look Longer Than It Really Is.

Book Creatives was built on innovative book cover design, sound marketing savvy, and great customer service. We’ve developed a reputation for excellence serving self-publishers, university presses, and from small to major publishers for almost two decades. If your goal is to sell more books, attract more readers, and establish credibility…you’ve come to the right place. We possess the experience and expertise you need to create a uniquely suited book cover design that will capture your target market’s attention.

Website Ranking – SEO

If your website is not on google first page, you are not getting the traffic and visitors you need. It is not enough to have a website; there is more to it. If nobody knows about your website, how will people find it? That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

We will analyze your website and determine best possible keywords for your ranking, including your website popularity and more.

Then we will provide you with a customized package to rank your website for as many keywords as you may need. And that is not all… We will also research best keywords for your website. We will do all the work for you.

If you want to understand what we are talking about, just think, how you came to our website… All our websites are ranking in TOP position for major search engines and 90% of our traffic and visitors come from Search Engines.

Contact us today for a Search Engine customized package. We will rank your website and you will start having visitors…

Author’s Website Design

Have an author’s website is a plus for you and your readers. Whether you are publishing a single book or several books, you definitely need your author’s website.

We will create your author’s website using WordPress or any other CMS platform for you. Once we complete your website you will be able to manage it with no issues at all. You don’t need to have any knowledge at all to work and continue creating content for your website.

We will not only create your website, but we will also perform an online research finding suitable domain name through our Christian Web Hosting portal.

You will have no page limit for your website, you will be able to ad as many articles and categories as you wish. NO LIMIT.

Our Christian Website Design prices start at 455.00 USD. Contact us for more information about your author’s website today.


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Full Book Text Layout

Formatting your book might be a difficult and very expensive task, if you don’t have the correct team to assist you. We will guide you through the process and provide you a final layout book according to your publisher.

Rates for formatting or laying out a book is very high, depending on the length of the book and publisher’s requirements. However, we will make sure to take on that burden for you and get your book formatted without no hassles or headaches for you.

Our formatting rates vary depending on the length of your book. Contact us today for more information. Make sure to share your manuscript when contacting us. You can also tell us how many words or pages contain your manuscript.


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E-book Text Layout

Are you looking for an expert to layout your e-book? If so, we are your perfect choice. You just need to let us know what platform you will be using when publishing your e-book and we will make sure to format your e-book according to their requirements.

It can be kindle, Smashwords, digital2draft, Kobo or any other platform. We will surely layout your e-book for a very low fee comparing to the market.

If you search online, you will find that general rate is from 500.00 to 1,000 and more dollars to layout an e-book. Once we review your manuscript, we will check requirements for the platform of your choice and then, we will charge you anywhere from 250.00 to 350.00 maximum.

Contact us today for more information.

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Book Marketing

Marketing your book is a top priority. We will make our mission to market your book worldwide. We will create Social Media Campaigns for your book. Your book cover, Amazon central author’s page and more.

We will also have your book and website available in more than 500 online news website throughout The United States.

We will create Author’s book blast. We will publish your book and / or website in more than 500 Christian blogs and Websites; where you will get thousands of exposures and visits. Your book will be noticed with our Christian Marketing Packages.


Contact Us today for more information.